Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh To Be A Big Girl Someday

Lily and Molly have finally clued in to the great world of the outdoors, and they are especially interested in Claire going outside to play with friends. Tonight they eagerly peeked out the back door trying to catch sight of big sister playing. The photo captures the scene after dinner tonight when Claire was out back playing with neighbors (urgh, playing with neighbors again). Could the twins be jealous already? Wishing they could be outside playing? I don't know how baby brains work.

I had an excruciating day at the office with an all day "All Hands" meeting. It was excruciating because after sitting in the same room for 7 1/2 hours, my rear end was completely numb. I felt like I was in a coach class seat on the way to Europe. I wiggled and squirmed but I was completely uncomfortable by the end of the day. That was true employee torture. I want hazard pay. Word on the street is an official "work from home" policy is coming down soon, so most likely that will benefit the masses and hurt me ... who is going to allow three days of work from home? No one. So that will require an entire rethinking of our current work and childcare situation. One more thing to worry about. *Sigh*

Molly has had two bad nights of sleep in a row after having two of the best nights of sleep ever, so I assume she's teething again. I dosed her with Motrin tonight so maybe she'll sleep through until at least 6am if I'm really lucky. I need a reasonable night of sleep after the last two nights.

The big excitement for the week is my sister, Claire's favorite aunt, is coming to visit on Friday for the weekend! Claire keeps asking about it every day. Auntie won't believe the difference in the twins as her last visit was Christmas when they were still baby blobs. I can't wait for her to see everyone.

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