Thursday, July 3, 2008

An Easy Day

I got some peace for myself today. I left work "early" (I won't admit to how early, but with it being the day before a holiday, the office cleared out early and I actually stayed later than most), ran errands on my own, got some coffee, got some downtime. Spectacular. Got home at 5:15 for the stand-in nanny (who seemed to handle the three kids quite well) and arrived to baby chaos - they both cried and cried for my attention. And then Claire started acting up because I was trying to debrief with the babysitter versus giving Claire attention (this is beginning to really, really get on my nerves about Claire/kids). So for 20 minutes I thought we were going to have a worse night than we did last night. I was wrong. The babies both needed refresher naps, and when they woke up, they both happily ate dinner with NO crying. Unbelievable. So they threw us a bone tonight. Whew. It's about time. But let's be real, here - the other 6 nights a week they're tired and crazy at dinner and our house is a hectic, stressed environment. A one night break isn't enough, but I'll take it.

And Molly, bless her, is beginning to stretch her nights. She is still waking twice a night, but I'm not feeding her the first time, usually around 1am. I give her a pacifier (which she can't seem to find) and she settles back down and wakes between 4:30-5:30am. So her stomach is making the stretch from 8pm to 5am. She eats quickly, and then goes back to sleep until around 7:30. I think that counts, in doctor's worlds, as "sleeping through the night". In my world, it ain't nowhere near that grand because I'm still getting up in the middle of the night. I'm not sleeping through the night, doctor. When one goes to bed at midnight, that means a 5am wake-up call is a leeeeetle (that's "little", with the pronunciation accentuated) too early and mind numbing. But I'll take it over what she has been doing. I guess the earaches were causing some of her sleeping issues because as soon as the Augmentin kicked in her new sleeping pattern emerged. Hallelujah. Soon I hope she drops the 1am waking where I fix the pacifier issue and that means I'll be down to one night waking.

And yipee, yipee, it's a holiday tomorrow, so no WFH day AND the husband will be around to help with kids. So today was a nice start to the 3-day weekend. As is typical in our household we are playing the next few days by ear ... no set plans. We'll see how it all unfolds.

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