Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Did It

I don't have much to say other than to admit I've become the parent I despise. Yes, I did it: I sent Claire to camp sick. She wasn't breaking the sick rules, but she's clearly coughing up a storm and contagious, and I still sent her. My thinking was this - she got it at camp, so I'll send it back to camp. And she was crying she wanted to go so badly today. And I admit I wanted an easy WFH day with only the twins to care for. So scream at me! Shout at me! Despise me! I never, ever thought I'd do this but here I am today. I've joined the crowd of inconsiderate parents. I don't think the camp teachers liked me so much today. Oooops.

I had a relatively busy work day ... lots of little issues cropping up ... and the twins napped on opposite schedules in the morning so I never had a baby break either. A little annoying. In the afternoon I had to wake Molly up from only 25 minutes of her second nap and Lily only 5 minutes of her second nap to get Claire from camp. I felt awful about that, but couldn't figure out a neighbor who could help. This keeps happening so I really do need to find a neighbor who would man the home while I do camp pick up.

Papa made a surprise visit over for dinner tonight so we all had extra entertainment for the evening. Hopefully he doesn't catch the cooties. And I think we're at T-2 days (at most) until the babies get this cold. Probably tomorrow, but maybe as late as Friday.

I'm chewing on a conversation with Papa about "differential care" (his words) that I show the twins. I definitely find one of my twins to be more of a challenge. And yes, sometimes I get frustrated. We can assign all sorts of wrong to that, and I agree. And I should try harder to control my frustration. But here's my curiosity: how out of the norm is this for a parent of twins (it's hard not to compare two babies' dispositions), and how do other mothers of challenging babies (singles, twins, or whatever) handle their frustrations? And with those Carrie Bradshaw-esque questions left unanswered, I am now packing it up for the night.

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