Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Visitors and More Visitors

I went to Sam's Club tonight for formula and they were out of it. Out? Sam's Club? I didn't know this happened to places like Sam's Club. This meant I had to pay too much money for a small can at the grocery store which really hacked me off. I took Claire along for the outing after dinner and she was one happy kid after being cooped up in the house all day with the nanny and babies.

OK, I know, I'm waaaay behind on an update. The weekend visit from my sister threw me off track. I had to get ready for the visit, and then she was here along with additional visits from dad, mom, and my grandmother, and then the workweek appeared too quickly and I got sucked back into that. So it's now Tuesday night and it feels like eons since I last posted.

So for my weekend photo, instead of posting a photo of Auntie and kids (my sister might not like the photo posted on the web?) I'll post a photo of the twins and Claire rolling around on this Hello Kitty body pillow that my sister bought Claire at Target over the weekend. They think this pillow is quite fun to use as a jungle gym.

Somehow Claire stayed up until about midnight both Friday and Saturday nights due to excitement from all the visitors in her house. That meant she was wiped during the day and a little "off" at times. She never went into full brat mode, but I could tell she was struggling at times. With it now being Tuesday, we've finally gotten her sleeping back on track other than me letting her stay up late tonight with the Sam's Club trip.

Molly handled the visitors well, other than thinking our Friday night meal at Waldo Pizza (the best pizza ever) was an excuse for screeching at the top of her lungs just so she could be heard over the clatter and chatter in the restaurant. Her screechiness just meant I couldn't focus on food or conversation or anything other than trying to keep her from making THAT noise again.

Lily handled Waldo Pizza beautifully, but Saturday night was another story. In the evening, we had my mom and grandmother visit in addition to my sister being here, and this just sent Lily into meltdown mode. She screamed and screamed over the new faces and commotion. We put her in her bed to calm down. After more than an hour of her not sleeping but sitting wide awake in the crib, we tried to reintroduce her to the family and she just would not stop crying. Everything set her off - the plastic Easter eggs being dumped out onto the floor, my sister moving a chair so she wouldn't tip it over, and so on. The routine of dinner finally calmed her down, which is ironic given how much she despises the dinner event every evening.

Sunday my sister left early so we had the whole day as a family unit, without any visitors. I tried to sleep in but couldn't with all the kid interruptions. After round two of naps we packed up the kids and took them to the mall. Everyone did pretty well.

Camp ended this past Friday. I'm not sure who is more sad about this - Claire, or me? So that meant Monday was back to the WFH schedule with all three kids. I was expecting a disaster but it was a reasonable day. I got the kids out over lunchtime to McDonald's and HyVee (where I let the babies try McDonald's ice cream and they loved it), but other than that I fully admit Claire was glued to cartoons all day so I could get my job done. The babies were OK other than Molly still being a bit of a crank during the day. I finally gave in and took her to the after-hours clinic last night for a quick once-over check. Ears are perfect. So as I suspected, it's either teething or reflux or maybe both. The doctor did note that Molly's throat is red and that might indicate the reflux is bothering her. She gave me another Prevacid prescription. I haven't filled it yet but might give it a shot because I am a little tired of her clinginess and crankiness during the day, and I know the nanny is struggling with it too.

I've got two big issues at the current moment: (1) which preschool to put Claire in - we have two spots reserved, one at her old preschool and one at the place where she did the summer camps. Her old preschool is $125/month, though with fewer hours. The place where she did summer camp, a very highly ranked program, is $350/month with a few more hours each week. I think pure financials lead me to the $125 preschool but I know how badly she wants to be at the other one. This is causing me pain. And (2) is WE DON'T HAVE A NANNY AFTER JUST 3 MORE WEEKS! I still have not had any decent responses to my nanny ads. I'm freaking about this. Finding childcare is tough (as I noted on a previous post) and I don't need this stress. I'm so desperate that tonight I told my favorite grocery store guy to send any good childcare people he knows my way ... although I suppose this wasn't completely freaky because he found me my best high school babysitter so far.

Tomorrow, of course, is another WFH day with the three kids. Hopefully it's a repeat of Monday and Claire isn't complaining of boredom all day. I'm exhausted. I mean exhausted. I've gotten to the point where I'm concerned this isn't just mom-of-three-kids-who-doesn't-sleep-through-the-night exhaustion, so I had a blood draw this morning to check for anemia. I should know by Friday if I self diagnosed correctly or not. Maybe I'm just hitting some kind of stress/adrenaline letdown as the twins approach their first birthday?

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