Friday, July 25, 2008

A Birthday and a Sort-of Birthday

It's Kyle's birthday today. And the twins turned 10 months today. So we had a lot to celebrate.

I was overly busy today. Thankfully, Claire was off having another great camp day, because work was busy, busy and the twins didn't want to nap much this morning (which didn't help with the aforementioned work duties). Over lunch, the babies and I walked to HyVee for cake stuff (you folks don't think I'm baking from scratch, do you?) and I kept attempting to start the cake but either work or baby care got in the way. It was frustrating. And then there was the 30-minute search for the other cake pan. "Someone" (not me) had placed it in the wrong cupboard.

The babies got about 20 minutes of naptime before I had to yank them out of their beds for camp pick up (I really can't stand doing that), and then Claire and I rushed back home to start the cake. The only upside of the short naptime was that the girls needed a third nap so I was able to finish the cake while they slept again. Claire "helped" with cake prep, but her main job was to decorate the cake, which meant she squeezed icing in globs all over the top. I had to tell her we couldn't do sprinkles this time which really disappointed her, but I didn't feel like pushing those things off of every piece of cake I ate. Kyle arrived home while Claire was still decorating, so we showed him the cake and then she went back to globbing icing on top.

We took the babies to the pizza place (the usual Friday night event), where they did quite well and we ran into parents of 4-month-old twin girls. Boy, I don't envy them. I'm SO happy to be at the almost-year-old stage. 10 months, hallelujah! We got back home and did the birthday event (singing, candles, cake, presents). Of course Claire felt she had the right to help Kyle blow out the candles (see tonight's photo) and open his presents and cards. I tried to teach her proper birthday etiquette but that fell on deaf ears. I got the twins to sleep, cleaned up the house after the kids, and now Kyle is getting the birthday calls from family members. Claire is still awake upstairs but hopefully that will change soon. She's screaming at me to let her catch a lightning bug. Child, please go to sleep.

So only two months before the twins are one. It couldn't come fast enough for me this time.

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