Saturday, July 5, 2008


It was a day of errands. Claire's 4-week summer camp starts on Monday, and we have a list of items to send with her so I tried to check off the list today. The sticking point is those darned closed-toe sturdy shoes. She is refusing to wear just about anything. I bought her a pair of $10 shoes from Target and so far she is liking them better than the $30 StrideRite which was the point. Kyle is making merciless fun of them ("they're so ugly") but for $10 I could care less, given she'll only wear them to camp. So I'm hoping we can return the $30 pair tomorrow and be done with this shoe fiasco.

Claire played with friends in the baby pool outside and really exhausted herself today. Coming on the heels of the late night last night she handled herself pretty well today - only a couple minor bad moments. We took all 3 kids out for window shopping late this afternoon and that was as exciting as the day got. I kept laughing at all the people who ask "are they twins?" when we clearly have two babies the same age who are also dressed alike. Duh, people, DUH. This is a question I get asked at least once every time I take the kids out and I think it's the dumbest question of all. And by a 4 to 1 margin today, everyone was just sure they were identical twins again. So strange! They look nothing alike!

We picked up Bravo spaghetti on the way home and we have two kids who love it. It's one of the rare pasta dishes Claire will eat, and Molly loves it too. Lily spits out any pasta noodle. She can't stand the stuff. Then again, Lily is still struggling with anything she actually has to chew. We have a real food struggle on our hands with her.

Tomorrow: a potential swimming day. We'll see if we can manage it again.

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