Monday, July 7, 2008

Camp Begins

Hello, camp teacher, are we talking about the same child? Her quote to me today when I picked up Claire: "Claire is a perfect student. I wish we had more like her. If I had had a daughter, which I didn't, I would want her to be exactly like Claire". Huh?!? Are we seriously talking about the same child? This was coming from an older woman than myself - she's probably in her 50s - so she's been around a few kids in her lifetime. I still can't believe what I heard.

Ah, well, it was only the first day. And admittedly Claire puts on a good act for the preschool scene, so camp should be no different.

Claire LOVED camp and didn't want to leave today. She wanted to keep playing. That's always, always a good sign. She didn't even cry at lunchtime, which is usually when she has an anxiety attack if she's away from her home/parents and eating lunch in a school setting. Today they swam in the pool and had art class. That's about all I could get out of her (though she can't explain what they did in art class). Oh, and they had nap time and she actually fell asleep. The teachers thought that was cute, but considering it's nearly 10pm here and the kid isn't asleep yet, I don't think it's so cute.

I neglected to send an extra pair of panties (as we sent her off to camp in her swimming suit), so she came home with no underwear on. She found that pretty funny. Commando!

I enjoyed a peaceful - almost too peaceful, wow, it was just so quiet here - day working at home and playing with the twins without Claire's interference. I think the twins enjoyed the one-on-one time. I didn't like waking them from their afternoon nap to pick up Claire, and I have a feeling this will be the pattern, but they did take a 3rd refresher nap before dinnertime so dinner went smoothly. No screaming!

Amazing how one day of camp just provided me one of my easiest days yet. Claire will be there Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:15-3:45 for the next four weeks, so this will be a good month. And the two days she's not at camp I'll be at the office. I might even begin to miss the little stinker after a couple weeks of not seeing her as much. Or I may continue to count my lucky stars. We'll see!

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