Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Night Before Camp

Camp items ready to go: check!
Swimming with the kids: check!
Over-tired babies: check!

The shoe fiasco is over. We settled on a pair of no-lace light-up (uggggggg) shoes from Target, and I think they're too small. But Claire is overjoyed so I'm done with this shoe struggle.

We also did manage to get the kids out swimming today. Kyle and Claire left just after lunchtime and got a headstart while one baby napped. I was hoping to have the babies on the same napping schedule, but no luck today, which meant at least one twin was going to suffer at the swimming pool. That, unfortunately, was Lily, who has a much harder time than Molly keeping herself together when she's tired. So I don't think we got one smile out of Lily at the pool. It was nothing like our first visit, when she was happy and splashing. Today she sat in the pool, frowning, and after a while started the usual fussing. I gave up after about an hour and we took everyone home.

The evening was spent mainly getting Claire ready for camp and talking her through what it will likely be like. She's got 'the night before school' jitters.

And, on a tangent, have you ever noticed all the strange positions babies are able to sleep in? Molly only sleeps on her stomach. Lily, well, Lily can sleep in just about any position. We caught her in a yoga-looking position completely asleep. Amazing.

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