Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Swivel Sweeper Crisis

Here's this week's funniest mini-crisis: we own a swivel sweeper thing (it was a gift from an uncle). Claire loves to get it out and "help clean" the house. In fact, she does a pretty good job sweeping up some dirt for us, which is great, because Molly fixates on every dirt clod and puts it in her mouth. Claire wanted to help clean again, so she got out the sweeper, and I was over on my laptop out of sight. All of the sudden, I hear Lily SCREAMING. I race over, and somehow, somehow, Claire has swept Lily's hair into the swivel brushes and her head is now firmly attached to the bottom of the sweeper. Claire didn't understand that the hair was swiveled onto the brushes, so she's pulling upward thinking Lily's hair will easily fall out of the thing and she'll be free but instead that's only pulling Lily's hair really hard. I extricated Lily's hair, calmed her, and then focused on asking Claire if that was an accident or something that was done on purpose. She maintains it was an accident, and without me watching the incident, I can't say otherwise. Besides, I was half laughing. Sorry Lily, but that was pretty darned funny and I sure wish I had a photo of that scene. That was a winner.

Claire loved camp again today (despite her meltdown leaving the house this morning ... I knew it was coming). She comes home energized, happy, and obedient. Almost the perfect child. On our way home, we stopped at the after-hours clinic again (heck, I barely register the inconvenience anymore) just to check Molly's ears. She's had classic earache behavior for two days: cranky and not sleeping for naps or through the night again. Her ears, thankfully, looked great. So we're assuming it's teething. This better be about four teeth coming in at once then! The babies took a late nap after all the activity, dinner was pure peace, but unfortunately I have both a 3-year-old and one baby awake past 10pm. Not good!

And I'm showering for my office day tomorrow and trying to avoid kid duty. Who has time for lengthy morning showers?? Get real! Off to blow dry my hair now. The treadmill doesn't stop.

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