Friday, July 18, 2008

Star Sighting

A new, and negative, experience for the twin parents tonight: we went out to the pizza place again for dinner, and we arrived a little later than normal, and they were out of high chairs. Now we definitely take up some high chair real estate, but come on, they're all taken?? So Kyle and I were each stuck with holding a baby in our lap while we tried to eat and feed the baby. If you remember what it's like to "hold" a 9-month-old baby at a dinner table, you'll know it's like wrestling with the world's strongest 17 pounder. They're squirmy as anything, and they grab at everything, and so the whole dinner was misery. Neither baby got much to eat, and while they were happy, the rest of us were suffering. We got out of there as soon as we could. Um, can we reserve high chairs in advance at restaurants? I'm not repeating this situation any time soon.

We had a star sighting today! Well, OK, it's only our local weatherman, but everyone in town knows this guy and he's made quite a name for himself. He did his "show" at Claire's summer camps this morning and I stayed to listen. He talked about the weather and then had his dog do tricks for the kids. As is his usual style, he showed the kids on the nightly news (so Claire got to see us on the news tonight at 6pm) and he also posted photos of the camp kids on his blog today:

You'll have to make sure you're referencing today's date - Friday, July 18. You can see me waaaaay in the back with the double stroller in both of his photos in the blog. Claire did not make it into his blog photos.

Claire had another great day at camp and I just realized it's half over for us already. She will really miss camp time and will not enjoy going back to 8 hours of cartoons while I work. The babies had a reasonable day. Molly had some cranky moments, and Lily went into full meltdown when I attempted some applesauce at 2pm instead of giving her the bottle she wanted. As usual, I got frustrated with her eating issues. We now have only 2 1/2 months before both these babies must recognize that solid food is their primary source of calories and milk will come from a cup (not a bottle) and will not be the main source of calories anymore. From my vantage point today, I see this being a huge, huge undertaking for them to get to that point. I'm anxious about this transition. Claire managed it beautifully, but her sisters don't seem as open to change.

The weekend is here. Sleep in time tomorrow! It's much needed after all the night wakings this week from Claire being sick (Kyle was supposed to handle her, but she was always crying loudly enough to wake me up too) and Molly's usual 5am bottle. And on that note, fingers crossed, the babies are still well. I think I just jinxed them by writing that.

We don't have any ambitious plans for the weekend. There's a wedding shower/picnic Saturday evening (that I may or may not take family to) and we might go to the petting zoo on Sunday with some new friends from summer camp.

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