Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Camp Cooties

I knew it was coming. I said it was coming. And it's here now: Claire is sick from camp already. She is coughing enough to have gone a bit hoarse today. Urgh. So next it'll be the babies, and we'll have round 4 of the earaches. I'm assuming Claire's nose will be a spigot by tomorrow along with the cough too. So now I have to decide (tomorrow morning) whether she can go to camp. She won't be officially breaking the rules - no fever, no vomiting, etc. - but will I continue to be the nice parent who keeps her from getting others sick, or will I be the typical parent who sends her off to camp to let her infect everyone? We have always, always kept Claire home when she's contagious (but not breaking state rules and is technically allowed at school) but I'm starting to see why parents send their kids anyways. If everyone else is sending sick kids to school and camp, why should we be the one polite family who waits until ours is not snotty or coughing everywhere?

I had a pretty busy work day but it was still nice to be away from home for a while. I was home just before 5pm and enjoyed seeing the kids. The babies took a late nap, I made Claire dinner, and I waited on Kyle to arrive late (at about 7:40 tonight, to be exact) and bring home Thai food. The Thai Place gave him the wrong order so I got the wrong food. Huge disappointment. Claire played outside on the neighbor's slip & slide while we ate a late dinner and finished up the twins' dinner. Lily decided that even though her own dinner made her cry, she still wanted to be part of Molly's dinner so she'd crawl up on the high chair while Molly ate and eat the food Molly dropped on the floor.

Claire had a meltdown at bedtime (overtired and sick is not a good combination) and I ran out to Target and HyVee for baby supplies and groceries. I stocked up on Infant's Motrin and Desitin in preparation for the next round of baby sickness. *Sigh*

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