Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Standing Milestone

The nanny woke up with the stomach bug in the middle of the night last night, so I had the rude awakening this morning that we had no childcare for the day. Panic. I called three people - all busy, or out of town. Kyle and I settled on splitting the day 50/50 - I had morning at home and he would get the afternoon at home. In the end, the boss cancelled our team meeting, and I arranged extra childcare for an unusual Friday meeting, so I stayed at home all day and my "comp time" will be the Friday I am in the office. And I am glad I didn't go to work today, because Molly joined Lily in the standing milestone (pulling to standing position) and I would have missed that had I been at work.

It seemed to be a milestone day. Lily figured out she could pull to standing on something other than her crib, and that's all she did all day - on the coffee table, the television, the stairs, and so on. Molly figured out she could do it in her crib first. Then she quickly applied the knowledge to the chairs and then to a bathroom cabinet (it took Lily a couple weeks to figure out she could do it somewhere other than her crib, so score one for Molly). I feel like I took pictures of them standing all day. It was cute to see, but the frightening aspect is the idea of twin toddlers soon ... how will we keep up??

Off to take a nice, brisk walk with my twin mom friend. I need it. It felt like a long day at home despite the excitement of the milestone achievement.

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