Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Drive-Thru Nation

Having lived overseas briefly and liking to think myself "worldly", I've always projected a distaste for the American drive-through obsession. We just don't know how to enjoy life, or food, in a leisurely and perfectly acceptable elitist manner. Years ago I prided myself on not having eaten fast food for seven years. Fast forward to today, and my opinion is now this: everything should have drive throughs! With multiple babies, who wants to schlepp two babies out of carseats, into a stroller, AND get the 3-year-old out for a 5-minute trip into the mini-mart for Claire's favorite juice? Why can't they have a drive-through lane for the moms of the world? And ALL restaurants should have a pick-up lane for the inevitable take-out that is necessary with three young children. And so should Sam's Club. And pharmacies (well, my pharmacy does have one, so score there). Dry cleaners (some do). And the grocery store ... oh wait, they sort-of do have internet shopping where you pick up in a drive-thru lane ... I just haven't been organized enough to try it. Every time I consider running errands and debate the necessity of the errands against the pain of hauling three kids around, I lament that there aren't more drive-throughs. So this, folks, is the reason I usually run my errands after 8:30pm once Kyle is on kid duty at home. I'm exhausted by that time, and the grocery store or Target may not be my idea of fun at 9pm at night, but it beats trying to drag the kids along for the ride.

I'm getting into a nasty habit of posting every other day rather than every day, mainly because I'm trying to get to bed earlier. So now I have to catch up on two days of my circus. Tuesday was an office day, so very low key. The nanny said Molly was cranky all afternoon and Lily wouldn't eat - typical early sickness behavior - but still today I'm not seeing proof they're sick yet. Today was a WFH and camp day. Claire loved camp as usual and I was one busy person all day long today. Work hounded me all morning with meetings and emails. Around lunchtime, things slowed, so I walked the twins to HyVee and picked up dinner food. I started dinner right after lunchtime (uber-efficiency here) while the babies tore up the pantry and then finished the dinner prep once they took nap #2. All I had to do tonight was cook it in the oven and make broccoli and rolls, so dinner was a breeze this evening. I did have to wake Molly (but not Lily) to get Claire from camp, so Molly could barely make it through dinner without a meltdown. She was asleep by 7:30 so it'll be an early morning for me tomorrow. Lily was exhausted too and refused to chew any food, but at least she didn't cry.

And upstairs Kyle is currently finishing Claire's bath routine and I'm listening to her ask Kyle for all the words to the crass version of "Yankee Doodle". She's got the Yankee Doodle term down, and she knows the "and he called it macaroni" but she doesn't know the words in between and thankfully Kyle is playing dumb. Now who, exactly, taught her that lovely song at camp today? Uggg. I still appreciate the innocence stage. She's our first, and she's not yet 4, and we've shielded her from kids with "older" language so I'm always horrified when she learns something I don't like. We are still blessed to have a kid who has never used the word "hate", "stupid", or "dumb" (all words she will quickly apply to her parents once they are learned). Not long ago she learned the word "butt" at preschool (from a kid named Spencer, she told me) and I played pretty stupid about the meaning of the word so she's only said it about three times. I know, I know, the time is coming when these words will be used regularly and I know the twins will never get to have this same innocence so will you please let me enjoy it for now?

Lily's new sleeping position is to hang her leg outside the crib. I'm waiting on her to turn in her sleep, yank her leg into a bad position, and wake herself up screaming in pain. I tend to run in and push her leg back through the crib rails to avoid this scenario.

Tomorrow: another office day and lunch with a colleague who is also an old high school friend.

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