Monday, July 21, 2008

An Easy Evening

Claire and I spent a long afternoon swimming at the pool yesterday (while Kyle was on twin duty at home), and I had a great walk with my twin mom friend in the late evening last night, and that was supposed to prepare me for another work week starting today. But I was enjoying my weekend. Today, then, was an adjustment. Claire had another great day at camp - unfortunately that included another long nap so Kyle is currently trying to wear her out before bedtime in the nearly 100-degree heat - and I settled back into work mode. The babies napped perfectly on schedule with each other, at 10am and 2pm, both 2-hour naps (you can't engineer a more perfect schedule than that) and Kyle saved me from waking up the twins for camp pick-up by getting Claire today. This evening I put Kyle on dinner duty and took the three kids out for a walk while he cooked and the only thing that marred that experience was Claire complaining that "walking is too tiring" in her whiny voice so I dropped her back at the house and continued on with only the twins. I think they actually enjoyed the walk this evening despite the oppressive heat. And boy was this an easier evening than usual. Everyone was in good moods.

During the time in between naps and after dinner the twins were quite a pair - following each other around (they have a new chasing game where they scream and laugh while one "chases" the other around the house) and getting into everything (hence the photo of them tearing up the pantry after dinner tonight ... Lily is of course the one crawling inside the pantry). So I'm finding it to be a delicate balance between their ability to entertain each other in 10-20 minute stints and give me a break but also the need for vigilance for their safety. I can't exactly walk away and ignore them, otherwise they're into something that is potentially harmful.

The babies really are getting more interesting now though. And you couldn't pay me millions to repeat the first six months of twin parenthood.

Claire has been telling me that her throat hurts: do I believe her or not? She is rarely adept at explaining any pain or ache, so why should I believe her this time? I really hope she's not coming down with something else. The coughing thing has remained a cough and never turned into anything more than that.

OK, off to remind Kyle it's 30 minutes to 9pm so the bedtime routine needs to start NOW. We'll push it to 9pm on camp nights with the napping she does there, but admittedly she'll be awake until at least 10pm. And then she'll be bratty for the nanny tomorrow while I'm at the office!

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