Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby Bears

I slept until noon today (yes, folks, I said noon) and I had a 5:30pm wedding shower thing to go to so I think I pretty much had a pass on kid time today. I did give the babies baths this afternoon and played with them in the bathroom afterwards. If they're feeling good and stripped down to diapers, they go into this 'baby bear cub' mode where they roll around and climb on each other and me and generally enjoy the skin-to-skin contact. It's pretty cute. I was enjoying the fun so much that I got in the shower too late and was then late to the wedding picnic.

Conversation the other day:
Claire: "Mom, how do you get milk in your tummy?" [translation: how are you able to breastfeed babies?]
Me: "Ummmm, wow, Claire, that's a tough one because it's a long answer. Can I think about how to answer that and get back to you?
[Nanny is smirking while listening to all this]

I haven't gotten back to her yet, and fortunately, she hasn't bugged me about it. I feel wholly unprepared for these "where did I come from?" style conversations. I was much relieved when her next major question was "how are books made?" and I felt more adept at answering that one by far.

The weather here has finally turned hot so if we go to the petting zoo tomorrow it'll be a scorcher. We might be better off swimming or sticking close to home.

And it's another Saturday night here, and we're doing laundry, cleaning, and I've been watching over a work issue that popped up during the wedding shower. When did our lives become so mundane?

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