Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Weekend Report

I really had to work hard to pick my favorite weekend photos. I ended up choosing two pool photos and two "portrait-style" photos. Kyle took the one of the babies through the glass front door, and though the stuff on the porch reflected in the photo is a bit of a distraction, I love the look on the babies' faces - especially Molly dreamily looking over Lily's shoulder. And while we have an overload of cute, cute baby clothes, I am always a sucker for a baby in a simple white onesie, which is what they're wearing in the pic.

Friday: Claire had another wonderful day at camp. She was SO happy, and the babies and I enjoyed each other at home. I got a call from the boss late in the afternoon announcing I still had a job and I still worked for him despite the recent re-org ... this is always good news. Friday night we took the kids out to the nearby kid-friendly pizza place and the babies were fantastic at dinner! Not one bit of crying out of either of them, until I let Molly into my cup of ice and she went bonkers for it and yelled when I took it away. I was amazed by their behavior. If this is how dinners out could be, then we may have just gained some more freedom. And it's so nice not to clean high chairs and floors at home, or anything else in the kitchen. It's a deserved break for us.

Saturday: Kyle worked in the morning and took Claire along - I was on baby duty at home. I didn't get my usual sleep in although Molly is still waking in the night with teeth problems. In the afternoon, we took the kids to the mall because it was a rainy (and amazingly cool) day. This was mostly about getting me out of the house, and Claire too, but everyone had a good time until the babies got tired of the stroller and the noisy mall. Kyle was overjoyed to find $7 closed-toe camp worthy shoes at Children's Place that he liked much better than the $10 Target shoes. He even had me go back and buy the other color after the kids were asleep. So I guess that means the shoe fiasco really didn't end for another week.

Sunday: Molly is still struggling with these teeth or whatever it is, and she woke up at 1am and kept me up straight until 3am. NOT a good night of sleep. I literally had to hold her until she would fall back to sleep. I did sleep in to make up for my bad night of sleep. We got the kids out for lunch (walked with the stroller to the nearby sandwich shop ... so much easier than packing them up in the car), and then while the babies had nap round #2 Kyle and Claire headed off to meet my mom at the pool. Once the babies woke up, I joined them at the pool. I don't feel the babies enjoyed today as much as their first visit, and after an hour and a half, I had to get them back home. They had had enough. Kyle and Claire stayed a little longer and picked up spaghetti on the way home. We did baths for all three tonight and I braided Claire's hair (hence the photo) to tame the tangles while at camp. She looks like my little Dutch girl, which is funny, given her Dutch-descended surname.

In other news, Lily has learned to clap on command (score one for Lily) and I swear, swear that Molly is trying to say "done" as her first word. This is to be confirmed as the weeks roll on though.

Tomorrow is another camp day and another WFH day for me. Time to gear up for another work week.

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