Monday, July 14, 2008

A Calm Day

Another great camp day! Other than dropping Claire off late to camp (my fault - I didn't account for enough time in the morning today) she had a perfect day. I've been told she's become best buddies with a blond girl named Lauren who seems sweet. The teacher said they're "both mature girls" who have taken to each other quickly. I know I met one of my best friends at age three, so heck, you never know ... maybe Lauren will become one of Claire's lifelong friends.

The babies and I had another calm day at home with lots of nap time for the babies and work time for me. I actually made a dinner tonight, but the only way to do that was to cook in rounds. Three rounds. It's my simple "mexican lasagna" and I first cooked the meat filling and refrigerated. Then I cooked the sauce and refrigerated. Then, after camp pick up and a Sam's Club trip (where the babies sat in the double-wide grocery cart for the first time and thought that was funny ... and boy did I get stares with all three of my kids in a cart together, as Claire was sitting in the basket part), Claire and I put the lasagna layers together with the precooked stuff and put it in the oven to bake. So it's a joke to say 'boy, that was an easy dinner' ... because it took me three separate cooking events to get something simple made. The upside is we have leftovers, so that made two meals for the week. That will come in handy.

I really am enjoying watching the babies begin to interact with each other, whether egging each other on to crawl through furniture, around the house, make loud noises, laugh, or whatever. It's too darned funny to watch. I wish I owned a video camera.

I'm off to take another good walk with my friend. The husband just irritated me with another display of wacky priorities (clean kitchen before getting baby to bed ... no wonder this baby sleeps so late) so I need some venting time.

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