Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July

We celebrated our Fourth of July by installing the big kid carseats (hence the exciting, ahem, photo, with Kyle in the background struggling with the things). This was a 3 1/2-hour event. Honestly. It caused all sorts of family stress, lots of yelling, and lots of neighborly interest, and we're still not sure they're in the car correctly. Ah, joy. What a fantastic holiday. And yes, the carseats barely fit.

The excitement for the day, other than lunch at Waffle House (come on, who doesn't enjoy a little grease?) was that I took Claire out to the nighttime fireworks for the first time (Kyle had to hold down the fort with the sleeping twins). We met my friends and their two kids at the fireworks show and Claire was mesmerized. And each one was "her favorite". It's now 11pm and she's just getting to bed so we're in for it tomorrow. I'll decide whether her attitude tomorrow negates any joy I felt that she got to see major fireworks for the first time tonight.

And admittedly I was keenly aware that my enjoyment of the fireworks was mitigated by the constant harping on Claire to stay calm and keep from yelling in all the stranger's ears about the fireworks. My friend and I half-joked about ditching the kids next year so we could enjoy the fireworks ourselves.

Happy Fourth, folks. Now I lay me down to sleep.

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