Sunday, May 31, 2009

Health Update

Lily has a double earache. I confirmed this at an 11am after-hours clinic appointment this morning. She's had two doses of meds now and is starting to feel better.

Molly has come down with the same cooties. She's got a high fever and the runny nose has started, and she's miserable. She cried for over an hour at bedtime tonight, refusing sleep. She didn't nap today. She stayed up until 2:30am last night (with me, of course). Her ear infection will come in the next few days.

Claire didn't speak more than 30 words to me today. She was grumpy (to me, but not to Kyle). She is 4 going on 14 and driving me nuts recently. She once again ditched me for lunch and shopping and stayed home with Kyle instead.

Despite having sick twins, I knew we still needed to get some house chores completed. Kyle had committed to being home all day today (a rarity indeed for a weekend), so I put him on sick kid duty while I flipped Claire's closet from winter to summer clothes, did laundry, and grocery shopped for the week. I also took two walks. Yes, two. I took a walk from 5-6pm - I really needed some physical activity - and then another tonight after I couldn't listen to Molly cry any longer (I had already heard an hour of it and I was close to a breakdown). I returned home to all four people sleeping and have had some peace this evening. I just wish I had healthy kids.

As I close in on midnight, the question stands: what time will I be awakened tonight by a crying kid? And who will deal with her? With an office day looming tomorrow, I'm in no mood for a bad night of sleep ...

I had forgotten how much chaos sick kids cause. The doctor said our last visit was March 25 - so we did go more than two months without an ear infection (or other cooties). Here's to hoping I have another two-month cootie break after this round.

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