Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mid-Trip Update

Had to share a few photos from our Atlanta trip so far ....

We had a great trip here (great flight, easy travel time, Claire was great) but of course Claire woke up sick Friday morning so she's been feeling under the weather and occasionally her attitude stinks. Otherwise we've had a fantastic time here. Her favorites seem to be our convertible rides, the light switches in Auntie's house (I'm not joking), the neighbor's pool, and the shuttle bus ride at the KC Airport (because she didn't have to wear a seat belt of any sort).

She's been hard to feed - something about every meal causes her to be momentarily unhappy and it's driving me nutty. The pink lemonade wasn't good, or she didn't want the enchilada, or some other small thing like that .... urgh!

I'm having a great time myself and I thought the Georgia Aquarium visit was unbelievable! I've never seen anything like it. Fascinating. Claire, for her part, preferred the small fish - I think the big fish, sharks, and whales freaked her out. And the 'touching' zones (pet the stingrays, etc.) really freaked her out. Then again, I don't touch either, so I can't blame her there.

Today she got an American Girl doll, and we even ate lunch at the store. That is one over-the-top place! The doll even got its ears pierced (Claire really wanted earrings for the doll), and bam! that's another $14.50 for the piercing alone.

More later once we are back in KC tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed the travel home goes as smoothly as the travel here.

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