Friday, May 29, 2009

A Lost Friday

The kids and I could have had a pretty fun day if I hadn't been stuck for 6 hours trying to get my new phone to work. Yes, six hours. Without going into too much detail (and therefore revealing my employer), let's just say it required switching accounts around so that I could finally get my Outlook items (email, contacts, calendar) on my phone. But it took the technical support group about 5 hours to figure out we needed the account changes. Urgh.

So our first roughly 90-degree day was spent indoors until 5pm while I was stuck on technical support calls. I also had work to do. And kids to watch. And a sick kid's nose to wipe. Yes, Lily is a snot spigot, and the ear infection is only days away now. I guess one of us finally got Claire's cooties - the rest of us, including Auntie and Uncle, have stayed well.

At 5pm, I put the twins in the jogger stroller, gathered up tennis balls and rackets, and tried to get Claire to walk to the high school tennis courts for her first "real" tennis experience. She whined non-stop about the "long" walk, so she caught a ride on the stroller. When we got to the courts, I found one where I could close the doors so the twins could wander freely. They liked it at first, but quickly got bored with chasing balls and then Molly figured out she could pry open the doors to the other courts ... so off she went. Fortunately she figured that out later. Claire, for all her great eye-hand coordination, did not have a successful first tennis court attempt. She only made contact with the ball twice. I wasn't lobbing them at her perfectly and that didn't help. She quickly gave up, complained unendingly about how thirsty she was (remember, it's our first warm day and I tried to make her run around in the heat), and then instead devised a game of walking around all the courts with her sisters. At first I was disappointed she seemed so disinterested in the tennis, but then I was just happy they all got outside today and got some good exercise. The walk home was more of the same - Claire not wanting to walk and complaining enough to where I let her hitch a ride on the stroller again. She better go to sleep immediately tonight!

Photo today is a bit of a cheat - Kyle took this of Ashley (neighbor kid) and Claire playing with bubbles a couple nights ago. I had fun setting them up with bubbles and watching them (and the twins) go wild. Well, Lily didn't go wild exactly - she's scared of the bubbles. That's Lily for you!

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