Friday, May 1, 2009

The Garden, Part Three

We've got green things sprouting everywhere, and my enthusiasm for this development matches Claire's. The problem, however, is that with non-stop rain, I'm now thinking these plants are getting far too much water which can be very detrimental. More rain is in the forecast for the next few days but I'm hoping it misses us and we dry out a little.

Posting photos of the garden from today - lettuce sprouts and a tomato plant (that Claire crushed by putting too much dirt on it). The idea of picking food from my own backyard is so exciting! I'm glad Claire asked us to do this.

And no, other than a quick Target run with the twins this morning, I have gotten no comp time today. So this is my sixth day of work this week, and I'm irritated. I'm hoping when the twins wake up from nap (any minute now) I'll be able to shut down and go to the mall. I'd rather hit the park, but it's a miserable 55 degrees (on May 1!) and cloudy and windy. Perfect mall weather.

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