Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm all out of sorts because my mobile phone decided to permanently freeze on me, so at 8:30pm I rushed out of the house and had to buy a new phone before the store closed. This new Blackberry is a whole new learning curve for me. Maybe that's why they call it the 'Curve' model, ha. I haven't had a new phone in so long I had forgotten what an amazing adjustment it is. For now, I have no email set up on it and no IM client so I feel, uh, naked. Exposed. And tomorrow morning will be all about getting the phone working as it should.

Today was a long day - kids from 8:30am to 8:30pm, with no help from Kyle (he was working). I continue to be super, super busy with work so it makes my daily routine that much tougher when I have a significant workload on top of the kid duties. We left the house at 5pm for a quick walk to HyVee for dinner items, but otherwise stayed home all day while I worked and sat on conference calls. Two hours worth of them, to be exact.

I had a cute video of the twins playing nicely with each other while I was cooking (I even took the video in secret to catch the undisturbed play), but with my old phone dead that video is gone forever. Usually Molly is quite needy at the dinner time hour, begging for food, but tonight she played this quiet peaceful game with Lily and I kept checking on them because I thought something must be wrong!

So why the post title? Well, Claire was making a birthday card for Uncle (the recently visited Uncle), and she asked how old he was going to be. I said '43', but was distracted by my dressing routine, and blew her off. About 10 seconds later, she showed me the card, and she had actually written the number '43', albeit with the '3' backwards as she always does. Wow! How did she figure that one out?! When I asked her how she knew to put the 4 and the 3 together to make 43, she said flatly, "because I'm smart". Oh, Claire, how I hope that is true for your sake ... time will tell ...

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