Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last Day Of School

So the way Kyle tells it, Claire dropped her drawers and peed on the floor tonight.


I was upstairs watching the season finale of The Mentalist (um, Simon Baker is a hottie), and all I heard was "Claire Elizabeth" out of Kyle's mouth, but not in any harsh manner. In typical good cop/bad cop fashion, he didn't mete out any serious punishment, while I was threatening a spanking once I heard about her behavior. I gave up and let Kyle handle it.

So what preceded that behavior? Well, she played with the bratty neighbor kid (I swear she's banned after this), and more importantly, she was exhausted from today. And so am I.

This is how my day went ... got up, got dressed for work, got twins dressed, fed twins lunch at 10:50am, paid house cleaner (and talked to her all morning), got kids in car, picked up a McDonald's cheeseburger for myself and shoved it down during the preschool pick up line, got Claire, and headed straight to the end-of-school-year picnic (where I knew the twins and I wouldn't be able to sit still and eat, hence the earlier lunches). Begged Lauren's mom to help with Claire while I chased after the twins who were fascinated by the juice boxes I allowed them to have (see photos). Molly's behavior was (again) atrocious - she cried almost the entire time. Kyle showed up, traded cars with me, and I shot straight over to work for an All Hands meeting while Kyle got everyone back home in my car. I got out of the meeting and returned straight home to find that Lauren was playing at our house so I was in charge of four kids and my job this afternoon (Kyle went back to work of course). Lauren finally left after 5pm and then I cooked dinner and cleaned up after everyone. Got the twins in bed for the night and then Kyle finally got home just minutes before 8pm. I shut down to watch The Mentalist and Without A Trace season finales (yes, I like the police procedural) and now I'd like an early bedtime.

Let's just hope we don't have a repeat peeing event like tonight's. What the hell was that?!

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