Saturday, May 9, 2009

Missing Toddler

Kyle put the twins down for their nap; I got them up just a few minutes ago. The girls are still separated for naps (Lily in her regular bed, Molly in the playpen in master bedroom) so I got Lily first, changed her diaper and put her in daytime clothes. We went to get Molly ... and ... I opened the door ... and there was no baby in the playpen. My heart skipped a beat and then started racing. My mind was thinking, 'maybe Kyle put her somewhere else?' and in that same instant knew that wasn't the case. I was struggling to make sense of the missing toddler scenario. I raced into the bedroom to find Molly happily sitting on my bed, pacifier and security blankets in tow.

Yiiiiiiikes. I guess the playpen is no longer a napping option now, eh?

More later on Claire's dress rehearsal from this morning .....

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