Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bath Night

I let go of my neat freakishness this afternoon and let the twins get really dirty outside. I put them in bathing suits and let them do whatever they wanted to (as long as it was safe). They splashed in water, played in mud, and touched all sorts of goop outside. And drank dirty water.

So after dinner, while Kyle took Claire to swimming lessons, I gave the girls a bath and couldn't help filming a couple naked babies in a bathtub together. It's just too darned cute. Lily is pointing out Molly's boo boo on her knee, which Molly seems to think is a tickling game. And Molly is drinking more dirty water. Soon after this video scene Lily slipped and fell and bit the heck out of her tongue which caused a little drama. And then while clipping nails I cut Molly's toenail too close and drew blood ... more drama.

Ah well, the playtime outside and the bath were fun.

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