Monday, June 1, 2009

Nonchalant Parenting

Here's an interesting article about a "new" parenting trend (thanks to Papa for sending me the link):

I know I fall somewhere in the middle between helicopter parenting and laissez-faire parenting. For example, I'm obsessive about safety, but as for number of activities, I'm on the low end compared to all my friends. For proof, look no further than our completely empty summer schedule. I'm trying to schedule 5 tennis sessions (with no success so far), and Claire is doing two days of "camp" at her regular preschool, but we don't have anything else going. I just don't have the time, energy, or money (or schedule flexibility, thanks to work and the twins' napping schedule) to ferry Claire to millions of enrichment programs. I also wasn't raised in that environment (we did school, and basically nothing else) so it's a little foreign to me to buy in to the 'over-scheduled' kid thing.

Today, Kyle and I seem sick with the twins' cooties. I'm beat. The twins were in a better mood today, but that won't hold for long - Molly will turn evil once her ear infection sets in. I had a busy day at the office but thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet compared to a home full of sick kids.

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