Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Day In The Backyard

Today I hauled out the baby pool for the first time this year, nearly passed out while blowing it up, and then questioned all the effort when Molly couldn't stand the pool (I think because it was too cold despite me dumping in hot water from the sink). But then Molly calmed down and everyone enjoyed the water games.

I braved Toys R Us this morning with the kids to buy the Step 2 Fun Flow sink. It's quite cool - it's got a faucet with real running water (thanks to a pumping mechanism) and the kids, as I expected, loved it. Claire is starting to grow out of these kinds of toys, but the twins should get another couple year's use out of it if the pump holds up. I did notice the water stream wasn't as strong after an hour or more intermittent use of the pump, but the kids didn't seem to care. They are just fascinated by having a sink that mommy doesn't make them stop playing in (like I do inside the house).

Kyle worked all day, so I had another 8+ hours with the kids alone. Papa brought over take-out BBQ (from our favorite Oklahoma Joe's restaurant) for dinner tonight, so we got extra entertainment this evening. I know the kids were all exhausted from lots of play today but no one would settle down tonight for bed. Is there a full moon or something?

Ah ... last minute update ... as I'm waiting on my photos to upload, Lily just woke up screaming, so we're definitely due for an ear check at the after-hours clinic tomorrow. Urgh. We had a great two month (or so) break from ear infections. It sure was nice but I knew it wouldn't last.

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