Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our First Trip

Claire and I leave early tomorrow for our first airline trip together. We are off to Atlanta to visit Aunt and Uncle (my sister/brother-in-law), and Claire is beside herself with excitement. I know we'll have a great time, and it will be a much-needed change of pace for Claire and particularly me. I haven't traveled since before being pregnant with Claire other than one overnight work trip. My life has felt quite restricted since having kids, and doing this gives me some hope that I can regain some of my jet-setting past. Claire's only trip was when she was 2 1/2, when we drove up to Omaha and stayed overnight so we could buy the Volvo. We did nothing but negotiate car prices and sign documents, so it wasn't a fun kid trip. Her horizons will be expanded immeasurably by the next three days of her life.

My only issue is that I'm a nervous flier (yes, I'll hide it from Claire), so I will be anxious being on a flight with my child while my other two children are at home with daddy. I've always been a morbid person, and flying really brings it out in me. Ah well, enough of that line of thinking.

I hope, hope Claire can handle 2 1/2 hours of sitting on an airplane - this will be a challenge (and a record)! I will make sure to post an update as soon as I can. I know we're going to the Atlanta Aquarium and the American Doll store but that's about all I know right now.

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