Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Spa

Claire's preschool did a "Mother's Day Spa" event at school Friday morning. I have pink fingernail polish that Claire applied to my nails (I haven't had the heart to remove it yet, but it's clearly painted by a 4-year-old), I got lotion rubbed on my legs, and a back rub with those back rub tools (all courtesy of Claire's effort). It was an entertaining morning. My gift was a cute tote bag that has 'flowers' made from Claire's hand prints (see photo). But the best part of it all? The attached card. Every year, the preschool does fill in the blank cards that I enjoy immensely. This is what I got this year (Claire's answers are in bold):

My mom is 11 years old.
My mom is 9 feet tall.
My mom always eats beans.
My mom always wears a dress or skirt.
My mom likes beans.
My mom doesn't like dresses with some ugly flowers.
My mom always says in or out.
My mom loves me because I hug her.

Claire's answers always send me into hysterics. Beans?! Huh?!

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