Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Rest Of The Atlanta Trip

The rest of the Atlanta trip went well other than a frustrating dinner experience Saturday night. Claire went into the usual food funk mood and Uncle, Auntie, and I gave up trying to work her into a better mood. Instead, after dinner we went to Lenox Mall and an hour there really perked her up. She was out like a light at bedtime for the second night in a row.

Today, Sunday, we stuck close to home, including a lunch at home. Why do another restaurant with her bad attitude? I got to sleep in a little while Claire was entertained by Uncle and Auntie, including a trip to the grocery store without me. I was anxious about the weather and the upcoming flight - I had heard that thunderstorms would be gearing up about our departure time - but we only had light rain and patchy skies upon take-off (sorry, Papa, the peanut butter was confiscated from us too - that's three jars of Trader Joe's peanut butter the TSA has gotten off our family). The flight did prove to be bumpier, but nothing that made me remain super nervous (though I had to rein in the early panic attack that left my arms tingling and numb). Claire slept for about half an hour of the flight through the bumpiest patch outside of Atlanta. We arrived in KC 25 minutes early (!) and walked in the house 15 minutes before dinner time. Perfect timing! Molly was happy to see me and hugged on me for 15 minutes and Lily barely noticed my presence at all. They were both, however, happy to have me at bedtime while I rocked and sang them the usual nighttime songs. Molly even knows when I've hit the last song because she points to her bed, knowing that's where she's headed next.

So other than the travel, it was a low-key day sticking around Auntie's house, and that seemed to work well for Claire. I was surprised by her acting like a homebody (which she is not in KC), but Auntie and I determined that she was more fascinated by the novelty of another house to play in rather than it actually being her disinterest in going places.

I think she really enjoyed the experience. I know I did, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well Claire handled the airport travel stuff. I really needed the break from the daily grind. It was nice to feel refreshed and thrilled to see the kids all together tonight.

More trip photos posted. See the kid room? I think Claire (and her sisters) might be the only kids with a designated "niece's room" in their Auntie's house. Claire slept in each bed, a different one each night, just to give the room its first test drive. It passed the test!

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