Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

My little drama queen does not like a real audience after all. Claire's dress rehearsal was this morning at tap/ballet class, and she was so embarrassed and stunned by all the parents sitting in the room watching the routine that she didn't do much of anything. I know exactly how she's going to act at the recital next Saturday - she's going to play with her hair and her costume and not sing the song or do much of the routine. Ah well, I think it's funny, and I know that dance is not her favorite. She's much more into swimming or gymnastics, and wants to try tennis, softball, and soccer. The girlie girl dance thing does not suit my active child.

Claire and I had a good day together, and we got a reprieve from Kyle's work schedule and were able to run errands together until 3pm this afternoon. It was a nice change of pace and Claire was in a great mood. After that, we returned home so Kyle could meet a client. He took Claire along for his appointment (and it was her first ride in a big kid booster seat using the car's seat belts ... she is fascinated by this development) while I stayed home with the twins. I got their winter clothes pulled out of their closet and the new summer stuff hanging, so the weather better not turn cold again on us!

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