Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dance Recital

Claire's dance recital was exactly what I expected. As my sister said, it was 'a whole lot of nothing'. Four year olds stunned by a big audience and bright lights just don't do much of anything. I got a blurry photo (posting here) but being in the third to last row (thanks to me talking to the new babysitter for too long) didn't exactly help me capture the moment. And a 'moment' it was. Her routine lasted two minutes.

Papa, my sister, Kyle, and I were all in attendance, and we actually stayed the full hour for the whole show (much to Papa's chagrin ... right, Papa?). In the end, we were happy we stayed because we got to witness the finale "daddy's dance" which was a bunch of gutsy dads who put on a little routine to the utter delight of the audience (and their daughters).

After the recital, we all went to Dean & Deluca for lunch, Auntie gave Claire a gorgeous bunch of flowers for her performance, and Claire wouldn't really talk about the experience. True to her character, she has to mentally process the event for a while before she's able to talk about it. I was completely tickled that she made sure to talk about anything but the recital.

I'm also posting a photo of her dressed up, and boy did I feel a little Jon Benet Ramsey-ish when putting real (required) make-up on my kid. Ooook.

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