Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Rest Of Saturday

... And after the dance recital and lunch, we paid the new babysitter (she seemed very sweet and very competent, and saved me loads of heartache by having the twins at home), and my sister and I took Claire to Town Center. We happened upon some kind of fair complete with a Ferris wheel, bouncy houses, popcorn, and face painting, so Claire got her face painted like a butterfly (photo here). She refused to go on the Ferris wheel. I can't blame her. I'm a ride wimp.

My sister and I then had the luxury of a dinner without kids. We headed to Lawrence to surprise our grandmother for her 85th birthday and had a fantastic time. I repeat: she is an utter beauty at 85 years old and we can all dream of looking that good in our 80s. Note to Papa: thanks again for the surprise champagne. It was great and even worth the champagne headache this morning!

When we got back to the house at 9:30pm, Claire was wide awake waiting on aunt attention and shockingly she didn't go to sleep until after midnight last night (at which point I was ready to tear her head off). Kyle is at work now, and I'm home with the kids and her behavior is beginning to take a dive ... yippeee. I think I'll get her outside now which will help her mood and ensure she's asleep by 8:30pm tonight!

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