Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Bad Week

Lauren, Claire's preschool best friend, got it right this week. Out to lunch together after preschool on Tuesday, she looked at me earnestly, and in a very adult-like tone, said, "it must be really hard to have two babies". Oh, honey, if you only knew.

I've had a bad week with the kids. I'm simply super busy with work and the kids are just an annoyance, an after thought. I can't get any work done until the twins' nap time, so I'm stuck with packing in a bunch of stuff in three (or fewer) hours and then catching up at night. Add on my office day on Sunday, and I'm fried for the week and need a BIG break from it all - work, and kids.

Claire has had lots of fun with daddy this week and again thinks I'm the no fun, mean mommy, which means she doesn't listen to me and acts really bratty toward me. My patience is wire thin with her given my need to get work done, and housework completed, and personal time to myself. Molly is testing her limits in every way at every moment; Lily, for her part, is beginning to test limits more and (as one would guess) continues to use food as a way to control her world. So with three kids testing my patience, and work/customers doing the same, I think a big glass of wine or a massage or a whole day to myself is just what the doctor ordered.

My hope was to take "comp time" tomorrow, but with work issues coming up non-stop this week I don't think this will be possible after all. The sour mood continues this evening, and tomorrow, and ...

For a little diversion, here's a voyeuristic link to information about Jon (of Jon & Kate Plus 8 fame) partying with other girls (didn't I previously post that marriage with multiples is tough? Even if you've got lots of money and hired help, I guess):

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Anonymous said...

Woe! I love that show... I had NO idea! I really like Jon, too... Grrr!