Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Do You Want A Bite Of This?

Today marks the funniest thing the twins have done to date. These glimpses of the future (of older, more interactive twins) are like little gifts sent to keep me going.

I had a busy WFH day - the job was keeping me busy, that is. Claire dutifully watched cartoons all day (uggggg), and the twins napped nearly 4 hours total today, so childcare wasn't my biggest worry. Around lunchtime I decided to get Claire out for lunch so she wouldn't watch cartoons for 8 hours straight. We chose Arby's so we could also run by the (cheaper) preschool nearby and drop off our check which holds her spot for the year.

We got settled with our food at Arby's and the twins were already getting impatient, so I handed Molly a curly fry. She ate about 3/4 of the thing, looked over at Lily, and reached over to feed Lily (who was without food) the remaining portion of the french fry. It was SO darned cute that I even heard this group of young boys scream "Look! They're feeding each other!!" at the same time I'm yelling at Claire, "look Claire! Molly's feeding Lily!". It really was amazing. Molly landed it perfectly on Lily's lips, whereupon Lily tentatively opened her mouth for the treat. Awwwwwww.

[Note to you health freaks: with a trip to both McDonald's and Arby's this week, you must think I'm a "Fast Food Nation" type of girl, but I'm really not. I hate fast food, but I readily admit that the fast food scene is by far the easiest place to take young kids so sometimes I just suck it up and do it. I plan to instill a far healthier set of eating habits in my kids in the future.]

Claire's only bad moment came about 4pm when she was fully bored by television and needed a break. She demanded to go outside by herself and swing, and I told her she couldn't do that while I was inside feeding and changing babies, and she was very mad at me. Forty-five minutes later I had everyone on the way to the park and that ended the day on a better note. She was much happier after the outing but that meant I was unable to make dinner so we resorted to carry-out tonight. I remember from before our summer camp break that if I'm able to break up the long WFH days with an outing around lunchtime and an outing at the end of the work day Claire's mood stays much more positive (and therefore my day is easier except for dinner prep time).

Tomorrow is an office day and I do need the time at work. I've got more than 650 emails in my (work) inbox that need filing away and I just can't seem to get that done while at home. So it's an inbox cleaning day tomorrow!

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