Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hot Peas 'N Butter

Today I took Claire to the "Hot Peas 'N Butter" concert. I had a blast with the groovy kids' music, but Claire was definitely her mother's daughter: she thought it was too loud, and covered her ears for over half the show. And she begged to go home (I wouldn't let her). So my photos from today show the guys in the band and Claire holding her ears. We got an autographed CD and I felt like a band groupy for a kids' music band.

The best parts of the event for Claire were finding out about auditorium chairs (the seats that spring up/fold up) and afterwards, doing somersaults down the hill with her friends (photo of this also). She never got into the interactive music concert due to her noise sensitivity.

We had a lunchtime visit from Papa which also added entertainment for the day, and after a quick $200 trip to Sam's Club the rest of our evening was spent at the concert while Kyle tended to the twins at home.

This morning I did get to sleep in for a while, and Claire went out to work with Kyle, so she had a busy day. And I just spent the last few minutes responding to work emails so I could ignore my work email for my vacation week! I have all sorts of plans in my head about what we'll do, but the reality is we'll probably get around to far less of what I want to do because of the twins' nap schedules. What I really need is a babysitter for the twins during the day so Claire and I can get out on our own, but with school in session, that will be nearly impossible to find.

Whatever we end up doing, I'm just happy to get a break from work.

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