Monday, August 11, 2008

Miss Productivity

Let's talk about productivity. Today I:
  • Held two conference calls this morning for work
  • Did my job all day (responded to emails, calls, instant messages, etc.)
  • Found time for a brief shower while babies napped and Claire watched cartoons
  • Took the three kids out to Michael's after lunch for a "dollar aisle" raid
  • Helped Claire with her "dollar aisle" art projects at home (we even had no TV this afternoon!)
  • Dropped off the preschool check at the preschool
  • Made all three meals and cleaned up after two (I got a break from dinner clean up)
  • Got a snack for Claire and me from McDonald's and cleaned that up also
  • Made formula/bottles
  • Cleaned 9 bottles
  • Got babies two rounds of naps and many bottles
  • Changed many, many diapers
  • Did 4 loads of laundry. Folded laundry. Put up some (not all) laundry in closets.
  • Cleaned up the floor several times after Claire/the twins ... non-stop mess patrol
  • Wrote a check for the cleaning lady who will be at our house tomorrow
  • Kept an eye on Claire while I finished making dinner and she played outside with the neighbor
  • Got one baby to bed (Kyle got the other two to bed)
  • Ran an errand to Old Navy tonight - no winter clothes yet so don't waste your time
  • Talked to a friend
  • Posted on the blog
This is basically a normal WFH day, other than sometimes I'm too fried to cook dinner and I rely on Kyle or take-out. Kyle walked in at 6:24pm tonight and left before the kids were awake so it was a long day. He did have to come home from about 9:30am-10:15am to cover my two conference calls (how else would I manage work calls and three kids?) but after a busy weekend of errands with Claire and a long busy day today I'm beat. And I need a break from kids. It's a good thing I'm at the office tomorrow.

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