Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday At The Park

Saturday was basically uneventful. Weekends are tough, as I've mentioned before, because we get into a routine of our own (that being "the girls" in the family, sans Kyle) and then when Kyle reinserts himself into the family for the weekends we tend to skew the schedule and be all out of sorts. I have a need to get a kid break, yet at the same time I want to join in "family time" (which is altogether too rare for all 5 of us), so I'm constantly torn between leaving those four by themselves or joining them for some activity. So I did a little of both yesterday.

Today, Sunday, I took Claire out for a brief shopping trip and then to lunch while the twins napped at home with Kyle, and then we spent the rest of the day at the petting zoo. Claire fished again (and even touched the fish this time - something I admit I've never done) and the babies enjoyed swinging and looking at all the animals this time. They are taking a late second nap now while we figure out dinner plans. I was hoping for a pizza outing to avoid the after-dinner clean up, and Kyle thinks we need to eat at home. So we haven't made a decision yet.

Today's photos are from the petting zoo and the one of Molly alone is from Saturday, when the kids played outside in the front yard with Kyle.

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