Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jogger Stroller

I love my new double jogger stroller. Kyle teased and teased me about buying another one because he says I never used the single jogger with Claire (which is somewhat true), but with three kids, I think this new stroller will get used like crazy. Why? Because I learned a handy "off label" use - it can function as a stroller for three. If Claire sits on the fender (or up with the babies and puts her feet on the fender) then all three can take a ride and we can actually take a brisk walk together! It's fantastic. See photo - she's sitting in her designated spot and we're taking a nice walk on our walking trail.

Other pluses of this stroller: it has a front swivel wheel (I wouldn't buy one without that now) and a speaker for an iPod built in. The "parent tray" is a good size with two drink holders too, and it does fold up in half.

I searched and searched online, then zeroed in on the jogger strollers, and at the last minute found one at the Babies R Us store across the street from my house and with the 20% off coupon in effect currently I got a cheaper deal than And I didn't have to wait for transit time. Instant gratification! We've already taken three trips to McDonald's, a trip to HyVee, and a long walk today (where Molly even fell asleep in the stroller!) in the new ride.

Work has handed out a 209% bonus for the quarter so I guess you can say this was my splurge with the extra cash coming in soon.

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