Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hyper Parenting

I can certainly be accused of hyper parenting (come on, Papa, keep hounding me on the 'helicopter parenting' comments), but really, I've relaxed since kid #1. Proof? Look no further than today, as my 10-month-old gets to eat a lollipop with her big sister (see photos). I don't think Claire got to have a lollipop until she was 2 years old. Is this because we become lazy parents once we have multiple kids, or pulled too many directions to micro-manage, or because we know that very little will do permanent damage? I'm not sure. Maybe a little of all of that.

I had a mixed day at work: my inbox is down to 18 messages (!!) from 650, so that is enormous progress for me. I can breathe again. But I'm dealing with an issue 4 months in the making that no one is handling to my liking and I was incredibly frustrated by the C-student attitude I saw at work today. Usually I can shrug off the mediocrity in my workplace because I understand that it helps the overachievers shine a little brighter, but today I just wanted to strangle everyone. I enjoyed an entertaining lunch in the cafeteria with a colleague who has four young boys - we talked about kid discipline and kid antics. We both have 'the stubborn child' who is a challenge.

Tomorrow Claire is hopefully going to Gabbie's house to play (I'll pay my old in-home daycare lady $35 to keep her for the day) and I'll have some peace to work through my work issue. We just need to make sure all the kids are cootie-free before getting them together.

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