Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Claire Day

A few more photos here from the chaotic photo shoot yesterday.

Today was a "Claire Day" - I took Claire out (without the twins or Kyle) pretty much the whole day. That gave us some much-needed mom/daughter time, some winter clothes shopping time, and Kyle time with the twins and home chores. We did have an hour out with Kyle and the twins too, but this morning, lunch, and late afternoon was just about the two of us. It was good. She had a good time and was exhausted by bedtime. And one-on-one, the kid is pretty fun to be around and says some mighty funny things.

Looks as though tomorrow is a grandparent day - both my mom and my dad are coming over at different times. With the highs here expected to be in the mid-80s (a freakish August day for Kansas) it might be a nice day to get outside.

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