Thursday, August 7, 2008

$1000 Evening

A second trip to Sam's Club on the way home from work today netted the same result: no Similac formula. Huh? Have they quit carrying it? If so, it's a good thing we only need the darned stuff for another month and a half, because I refuse to keep paying Target and HyVee their prices for the stuff.

Work was crazy busy today with too much to do. My inbox still stands at around 650 messages. I had to deal with more pressing issues than filing old emails.

Back home, the evening went smoothly and there was no crying and no screeching at dinner time. Amazing. After dinner we all played together on the floor, and then I got the babies to bed. Kyle got Claire to bed while I ran out to Target for the formula. But then I noticed Target has the beginnings of winter clothes in, so I got stuck looking through kid clothes. I bought a few outfits. And found a cute pair of brown Mary Jane's for Claire. And so when my bill at Target rang up at $111, I shouldn't have been surprised. But let's be clear that the formula was the bulk of that bill at nearly $30/can.

Unfortunately, however, I also had to get gas on the way to Target: $60. And then at Sam's Club after work this evening, I finally gave in and bought the new set of tires we badly need (yes, we're driving on bald tires): $850.

So hello, one-thousand dollar evening. Not a good feeling.

And with that, I'm signing off to watch the news and nurse my pocketbook back to health.

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