Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Transition Time and House Chaos

I'm living in partial hell right now. My nanny quit on Tuesday (she was supposed to be with us through the first week of September). She didn't quit out of anger, and it's not entirely unexpected. She has a dying mother and her mother has taken a turn for the worse so she is off to care for her. Clearly her situation is more dire than mine, and I worked hard to make sure the nanny (oh, wonderful summer nanny) felt no guilt in leaving, but as she left I felt lots of sadness and the usual panic over our childcare situation. We do have a nanny interview this weekend and I expect more to be set up, but that doesn't leave us in good shape for next week potentially. It's high time I take my week of vacation, bridge the childcare gap, and enjoy my kids without work getting in the way. Kyle is covering the house tomorrow because I must be in the office.

So I guess you can say the summer nanny and I got to ride the honeymoon period the entire time. I really like her, and I trust her with the kids. We never even had an awkward moment, unless you count the time she walked in my room to get a baby while I was completely undressed. Ah well, it happens.

I'm working hard not to over-panic about the hiring of a new nanny. So we're in a transition period, as we look for someone new and the kids have to adjust again to a new face.

In the meantime, Kyle had the brilliant idea to get some sheetrock guys to fix our (perfectly fine) ceilings, so on Monday these guys appeared and taped down my entire house and moved all the furniture and hung plastic sheeting from the ceilings. This is on the main floor, with the kitchen. Have you tried cooking or taking care of young kids in a house like this? It's impossible. Impossible. They returned today, two days later, to finish the job but now there's a fine dust everywhere in the house (good for baby lungs I'm sure), and the house is still taped down because Kyle has to re-paint the ceilings now to match the house. So nothing has improved tonight and we're looking at at least five days before this house seems reasonably normal again. And that fine little dust will keep settling for weeks so it'll be a while before I feel it's truly back to normal.

Even though I had a WFH day today, someone at work noted my mood seemed a bit off - I wasn't my usual chipper work self. I explained I had worked until midnight last night on an RFP (something outside my normal job role, and I'm usually happy to help, but I am not happy about the extra work in a week where I'm still crazy busy with that issue that no one wants to fix), but I didn't get into my childcare woes and my house being a construction zone and how the kids (and I) are out of sorts by not having access to the main floor. It's all a bit too much right now. I'm annoyed and stressed.

I want my old nanny back, I want my house back, and I want my easy work hours job back.

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