Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Wind-Down

My mom cancelled her visit, so Claire and I spent more time running errands together and getting ice cream this afternoon. Kyle manned the house and the twins during nap times today. Papa did make it over with BBQ take-out and farmer's market tomatoes in tow. Woo-hoo! Claire showed off her bike riding and tennis abilities for him, and I tried to take photos, but both digital cameras had issues so I'm without a decent photo.

Papa picked out his photo from the photo shoot, and we enjoyed torturing Claire with pretending to get the kids' names mixed up. It was funny because she tried really, really hard to "correct" Papa and me on names for a long time, and then all the sudden the light went off in her head and she teased us back by mixing up the names of the kids. Papa and I smiled knowingly at the mental leap that took.

We also smiled at what an obstinate little girl she is. I think that reminds both of us of one little me way back when. I even remember how darned stubborn I could be, and I'm sure Papa does too. Not that I've changed, of course, as 'stubborn' is my middle name. So Claire comes by it honestly. But it does make parenting a little tougher at times ...

Tomorrow: back to the grind. Another WFH day with the three kids. Yee-haw.

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