Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! Another low-key day here for us. I got to sleep in (yeah, and much needed) and then I took Claire out for lunch and errands for a couple hours. We then packed the family up for another trip to Antioch Park just to get out of the house for a while.

We had to pull together an early dinner so Kyle could attend his Fantasy Football draft night (oh yippeeee, sorry guys for the lack of enthusiasm here). He left the house before 6pm and I've been on my own with the kids ever since. Molly was over-tired because she missed her second nap and for some reason Lily went into meltdown mode too. So I had my hands full getting kids to bed.

Photos are from the park today, and also from dinner tonight. We're trying something new, where we put the babies in portable high chairs that attach to our regular seats so they can eat at the table with us, and so we can get rid of the two high chairs that take up too much space. I bought "placemats" that suction cup to the table to ease the mess on the table but Molly immediately figured out how to pull it up and chew on it. So we had to place the food directly on the table which was a bit of mess tonight. I haven't decided if the regular high chairs are easier to clean up or if I like this new set up yet. If they'd quit dropping food the new set up would be a ton easier for cleaning purposes. I just can't remember when the dropsie game becomes less interesting to babies.

Tomorrow Claire starts her first day of preschool. The crazy thing is they're only doing one hour of classes all week, so that means she gets dropped off at 9am and picked up at 10am. How insane! Impossible with my kid and work situation. So Kyle will hopefully do drop-offs this whole week while I do pick ups.

We also hired a nanny - the French girl new to Kansas City. It was really a toss up between the two main girls I interviewed, so maybe the French mystique swayed my opinion a bit here. I am concerned the long bus commute from up north will frustrate her after a while, but I'm willing to give this a shot. Downside is she can't start until next week, so Kyle and I have to negotiate who is staying at home and who is going to work each day this week. I despise these negotiations. I usually lose.

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