Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bedtime Battle

Want to create a bedtime battle with 21-month-olds? Let them sit in the neighbor's play car and then abruptly take them inside to get them ready for bed. Then enjoy the screaming that follows.

Had a decent WFH day with the kids though my work days continue to be long and stressful (last night I was at the office until nearly 8pm, and Tuesday is normally a WFH day). Molly, who has had two of the worst mornings I've seen in a long time, woke up from an especially long afternoon nap in the best mood I've seen out of her in a long while. It was a beautiful thing. Lily continues to be mad about her crib tent, and cries at naptime and bedtime. Tonight was the first non-crying bedtime she's had.

I'm off for a walk now and grateful for the physical activity to burn off some of the work stress.

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