Wednesday, July 29, 2009


All parents I know agree that routine can be both your savior and your killer. While humans (especially the tiny ones) thrive in a safe, predictable environment, it also breeds boredom and frustration (especially for the adults). Monday and Wednesday of this week have followed our usual routine (as do most days). Tuesday did not. Other than snack time, I did not cook or clean the kitchen and that alone was a refreshing change. Because we had to pick up Kyle's truck from the repair shop right at dinner time, we decided to brave a dinner outing. It went reasonably well. We then stopped for ice cream on the way back home and after ice cream took a walk up and down the strip mall while the kids screeched, high on sugar and the change of scenery. The mood of the household got a noticeable lift from the outing, and it's a reminder of how important it is to change up the routine on, well, a routine basis.

And I'm posting another great link about the stresses of kids on a marriage/partnership. This is another article that all prospective and new parents should read:

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