Friday, July 17, 2009

The Photo Shoot

Yesterday afternoon we learned that Gabe Hopkins of Hopkins Photography could fit us in for a photo shoot this morning. Here's the link to his site:

He's an amazing photographer, and even better, I've known him since I was a kid. I haven't worked with him until today, but I have always wanted him to capture the kids' essence in that special way that only Gabe can. Prepping for a photo session is always a bit stressful, but with careful planning last night, we were early for the appointment this morning. We met Gabe at Shawnee Mission Park and hoped for the best.

I quickly broke out in a sweat even though our temperatures are in the 70s today. The twins both freaked with the unfamiliarity of it all, with Molly clinging on me and Lily clinging on Kyle. After a while, Lily calmed down, but wouldn't stay in place for photos. She kept running off into fields. Molly stayed grumpy and frowned (or cried) the entire time. So for an hour, I either hid behind trees (to stop Molly's crying for mommy) or sung songs and made funny faces just to get a smile out of her. Gabe said he got a lot of pictures with Lily's head turned (because she's never still) and Molly not smiling. I think that's what we're stuck with this time. We finally got the best photographer I know and I still can't get my fantasy photo: one of all three kids looking happy and dreamy. Thanks, Molly. Could you be in a better mood next time kiddo?

As soon as I get my CD from Gabe I'll post some photos here. Just expect to see lots of Molly drama and Lily in action. As for Claire? I don't know if she posed well or not - I couldn't focus on her thanks to Molly's fits.

I was hoping to post a photo of Claire in her pretty dress today, but instead she got goofy during my photo shoot in the backyard and made "earrings" out of those tree things so that is what you see here. At least she smiled nicely for this photo.

And Gabe? Well, despite our personal history, he may never want to do another photo shoot with my kids! He worked hard today!

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