Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Princess Birthday Party

Claire had a lunchtime princess-themed birthday party to attend today and she dressed up in her Cinderella costume. The Cinderella costume is still a little big, so I made her wear a white tank top underneath, which means she looked very hodgepodge. But four year olds have no clue about any of this, so she happily entered the party looking a bit goofy. As all parties for this age group seem to be, it was a drop-off deal, so before leaving I waited long enough to catch a sight of "Ariel" who was coming to lead the party games. Ariel was a reasonably attractive 20-something year old redhead who looked phenomenally ridiculous dressed up in an Ariel costume, but the girls loved every minute of the party.

I left and took the twins to Planet Sub for lunch, where I had the most happy and enjoyable lunch with the girls. Any time I reduce my kid count by even one, life seems measurably easier. Kyle returned from work after I put the twins down for a nap, so Claire and I did some window shopping just to get out of the house for a while. With a less than 2-hour window I was allowed for jailbreak time (until Kyle's next client appointment), I couldn't decide how to spend our time, and walking through shops seemed to be the easiest answer. I don't like that I tend to entertain my kids with shopping. I wish I were surrounded by parks, museums, Cathedrals, and great scenery so that I wouldn't feel the lure of retail entertainment. I want my Europe job

I better go check on the twins - they should be waking up now. Kyle and Claire are both gone now for the client appointment, so I have some alone time with the twins, and I always find them more entertaining when big sister isn't so distracting to them.

Photos of the birthday crew (including "Ariel" the adult) and of Claire's party favor from today - it is a personalized t-shirt!

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